The coaching I have received from Celina Tuturman has been out of this world. Since breaking up with my ex-girlfriend 4 years ago it became a very bumpy and confusing road but with the help of Celina, I have been able to gain control of myself and the situation.
I would highly recommend Celina to anyone looking for any kind of relationship advice. I can finally say that I’m feeling good and I think I’m ready to date again soon.

I was embarrassed to even explain my situation in my first session, but my coach immediately reassured me and normalized what I was experiencing. Celina is such a safe and non-judgmental professional, and I came out of my session every Wednesday feeling more empowered than I thought possible.

Using the expertise, optimism, open mindedness, and patience, of my coach, to help me become a better version of myself.
I highly recommend Celina, for helping me along this journey of becoming who I want to be. I had been knocking around on dating apps for the past 2 years with very limited success. I was getting matches but they weren’t matches that were actually aligned with the type of relationship I wanted. I was about ready to swear off the apps entirely when I stumbled upon Her. I’ve never felt this confident in my life when it comes to relationships.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this new adventure. Celina opened my eyes to things about both myself and my ex I would have never considered before.


I reached a point in my life where I realized that I was walking in the same toxic cycles with people who did not do me good, it was difficult to get out of a situation of low self-esteem because of a past relationship.

I realized that I had childhood traumas and past wounds that did not let me value myself and also know what I really wanted.

Each session with Celina helped me get to the root of the problem and see it from a professional perspective. I became aware of the actions that were keeping me stuck and did not let me be the person I am now.

With the help of God and my coach I have been able to experience new doors that have opened, to know myself more and know what I really need to be able to take the right direction and fulfill the purpose for which I came to this earth.


Celina’s unique approach has definitely helped me understand myself in a deeper way. She helped me uncover the layers of built up emotion, it´s like 2 years of psychotherapy in less than two months. Memories of past experiences were uncovered quickly, and the emotions associated with them cleared. The tools she has given me during the sessions have also been key to how I interact with others in terms of dating and my personal growth. I highly recommend her!


Celina´s decisive approach helped to feel more emotionally independent and grounded. She provided lifetime creative tools that encouraged me to focus on the solutions for my well-being, while actively contributing to cultivating self-worth and setting boundaries that match with my standards, needs, priorities and vision. I strongly recommend Celina if you’re committed to your inner journey and not looking for over-night solutions!


I thoroughly recommend this if you’re ready to find out more about yourself. I’ve had some aha moments! Celina is patient, wise and empathetic. She has a unique approach and a natural ability for identifying issues and above all she is so easy and comfortable to work with, using her gentle but focused approach. She is encouraging and supportive and achieves outstanding results in developing more positive and healthy relationships. 


Great coach, Celina helps you grow and achieve your goals. Every session you get closer to where you feel you should be. One of our favorite things about Celina is how open minded she is, she often talks about new research she has read, or experts she seeks out and collaborates with. She understands the unique challenges that millennials face and she is authentic about her passion for helping people to make their relationships work. 


Celina Tuturman is a fantastic coach and has helped me during various important decisions and difficult moments in my life. Her objective way of seeing a situation make me really trust and value her opinion. I deeply appreciate everything Celina has done for me in order to grow both on a personal level aswell as on a professional one. I am forever grateful for her guidance, and I can highly recommend her to anyone in need of a mentor


I had a very good experience with Celina. I did about 3 months of coaching with her. Celina helped me to better understand who I was, to increase my awareness, to better manage my emotions and led me towards better and happier life choices. I would recommend her to anyone, she is a really kind person.


Celina was a guest in one of my podcast episodes in which we addressed topics ranging from personal development to fulfillment and cultural issues.She demonstrated a wide knowledge in psychology, personality and coaching as well as a spiritual perspective.

I really enjoyed talking to her, especially since she could juggle several topics at the same time. On another occasion, for example, we discussed the nature of social media, in which she greatly pointed out and related both the implications for the individual and the society as a whole.

Celina is a curious, smart, driven and caring person that thrives in all sorts of conversations and, I suppose, with a large variety of personalities.

Leon Merse
Consultant, Content Creator and Podcast Host