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  • Does this sound like you?

    • Your greatest yearning is to be in love and have a happy relationship
    • You experienced painful event in your family history that prevent you from living fully 
    • You feel blocked and constricted as if you’re swimming against the current
    • You repeat family patterns of neediness, mistrust, anger, withdrawal, shutting down, leaving, or being left
    • You struggle with the fears of being left, rejected and abandoned and you feel powerless to resolve it by yourself
    • Your intentions are at odds with your actions, you suffer and you don’t know why

    Your past stories entrap you and once you uncover the deeper stories behind them, they have the power to set you free.

    I know you feel all alone now, but every day I help people with the exact same struggles.

    I’m a trained expert and I can help you work on your relationship with yourself!

    • We’ll start addressing the origin of your issues in sight and your complaints.
    • We’ll approach your problems as signs pointing us in the direction of what’s still unresolved from the past.
    • We’ll identify the source of your fear of abandonment, rejection, loneliness so you begin to make healthier choice and heal your wounds from the past.
    • We’ll recognize your attachment style and your self-sabotaging behaviors.
    • We’l access the events in your family history that prevents your from living fully.
    • If you truly want a deep and satisfying relationship, if you want to live up to your potential you need to repair your broken relationship with yourself

    You are worthy of having a loving, kind of thoughtful partner. You are worthy of having someone who listens, who cares, who is patient with your feelings and reciprocates them. 

  • Does this sound like something that happens to you?

    • You genuinely want to be in a committed, secure and intimate relationship, but you are unwilling to settle down with someone who doesn’t feel worth the effort.
    • You attract push-pull relationships, you’re magnetically drawn to someone who makes you feel amazing and suddenly rejects you 
    • Your self-esteem hurts deeply every time you experience rejection and you become self-critical and self-destructive
    • Your married friends and your family are constantly asking you the dreaded question, “When are you going to meet someone and settle down?” You feel there’s something wrong with you.
    • You’re sick of playing games or trying to read someone’s mind, you want a clear and focused partner. 
    • You feel not even close to love, you fear of being sentenced to a life of being lonely and single.


    You are not alone! Every day I help singles with these same exact thoughts.

    • You deserve emotional closeness, connection, security, stability, companionship.
    • You deserve a loving partner, someone who wants to spend time with you, someone who makes you feel like an even better version of yourself when you’re with them.
    • You are worthy of having someone who listens, who cares about your passions, who is patient with your feelings and actually reciprocates them.


    Dating and relationships can be complicated, but it’s only complicated with the wrong people. 

    Let’s uncover what stands between you and the fulfilling relationship that you desire so much.

  • Do any of these sound familiar

    • You’re scared to think there might not be anyone out there for you
    • You’re sick of being the only single person in the group
    • You’re struggling to stop the post breakup sex, texting, or stalking on social media
    • You’re obsessing, over-thinking and ruminating over your ex
    • You’re grieving the loss of a life you envisioned with your ex
    • You’re dreading to start over again after a failed attempt at a relationship
    • You’re coping with the breakup stress by dating compulsively, over-spending or booking a vacation on impulse, but the pain is still there
    • You can’t stop punishing and blaming yourself for the breakup, you spend a lot of time wondering what you could have done differently

    Reality check: The relationship wasn’t ever-lasting and the pain won’t be either. 

    I’m here to help you heal your broken heart, even if it literally feels impossible. You needa plan! Together we will:

    • Put your self-esteem first. We will rebuild your self-esteem and self-worth from deep within
    • Reframe your breakup as a lesson and not as a loss
    • Reassess the breakup as an opportunity to grow from the experience by focusing on what you learned and what you’ll do differently in the future
    • Build a solid foundation for your upcoming committed and fulfilling long-term partnership

    I’m here for you. You need the support and guidance of a real expert.

    Breakups don’t have to leave you broken, because you’re stronger than you know.